App-Ray, the Best Early Stage Startup in Austria

15th November, 2016

App-Ray won the award of the Best Early Stage Startup in Austria on Central European Startup Awards’ regional event in Vienna.

Why automation is the key to the future of cyber security

9th June, 2016

Examining the perceived disadvantages and the significant truths about automation’s role in cyber security.


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Complaint Accuses Mobile App of Continuous Tracking, Failure to Delete User Data

19th May, 2016

The Norwegian Consumer Council has filed a complaint in which it accuses a fitness-based mobile app of continuously tracking users even when they’re not exercising and of failing to delete personal data when requested by users to do so.

(Borderless Cyber)

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Trojan found in more than 100 Android apps on Google Play Store

20th April, 2016

Poisoned apps steal confidential information and serve up ads.

(Graham Cluley)

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App-Ray Mobile Security at CeBIT

14th March, 2016

This week App-Ray visits Cebit – one the  largest and most internationally represented expos in the world. Meet us and learn more about your smartphone apps, data security, privacy and others – For more details please visit us at Fraunhofer stand, Hall 6, Booth B36.

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Beating Expectations: Android Security Patching for PRIV

11th March, 2016

BlackBerry is the first OEM to deliver patches in line with Google’s public disclosure, closing the window of vulnerability exposure to customers. Other mobile device vendors can take weeks, months or even years to deliver security patches, leaving you and your business at risk.

(INSIDE BlackBerry blog)

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App security: The most overlooked cybersecurity measure

3th March, 2016

App security is something not a lot of people consider when they install a new program or download a game.

And this is exactly what hackers are hoping for – that you’ll overlook the fact that you’re potentially opening a back door to all of your personal and sensitive information. That app may have given you a few minutes of fun, but the breach of your data could have long-lasting consequences.

As a business owner, your company’s cybersecurity should be of the utmost importance. So how do you prevent hackers from gaining access through application security breaches?

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Financial & healthcare apps are not as secure as you think

7th March, 2016

Health care organizations are among the top targets of cybercriminals in search of valuable patient data and intellectual property. (…) Most health care apps contain significant vulnerabilities. Vulnerability assessments were conducted on 71 mobile health apps in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Japan.

(Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor / Arxan)

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EU Officials Reach Agreement on Text of New Privacy Law

15th Dec, 2015

European Union officials reached agreement Tuesday on a pan-European digital-privacy law, creating a strict new legal framework that will have ripple effects globally on how companies can use individuals’ personal information.

(The Wall Street Journal / Patrick Seeger, European Pressphoto Agency)

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Prying eyes - data protection

WhatsApp collects and transmits data

27 Oct, 2015

Users of WhatsApp need be aware that the popular messaging service collects phone numbers, call duration and other information, according to new research.

(Source: The Register)

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Why Application Security Testing Is a Growing Market

01 Dec, 2015

The increasing number of cyberattacks organizations have suffered in the last year underscores the need for careful application security testing (AST), which was designed to identify and fix vulnerabilities at the application layer. For this reason, AST services are essential to evaluating the security of software for web, native, cloud and mobile apps.


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Average global enterprise has approx. 2,400 unsafe apps

17 Jun, 2015

A collection of threats and best practices in terms of mobile app security.

Mobile device adoption is strategic for every industry, but it has inherent security risks that cannot be underestimated. Many companies offer their employees access to internal systems through mobile platforms; for this reason, an effective bring your own device (BYOD) policy that specifically addresses mobile app security is key.


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Health apps leaking private data

25 Sept, 2015

NHS Choice’s Health Apps Library of approved wellbeing software assures users that their data will be safe — but a new study has found that several apps flout this promise and put private personal data at risk.


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High rates of apps written in risky web scripting languages, fails security tests

6 Dec, 2015

Studies say a vast number of mobile apps has crypto issues and a high percentage of web apps fail OWASP security.

(Veracode / Image: Anton Novikov/Thinkstock)

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Facebook manipulated news feeds to create emotional responses

28 Jun, 2014

Facebook conducted a massive psychological experiment on 689,003 users, manipulating their news feeds to assess the effects on their emotions. The details of the experiment were published in an article entitled “Experimental Evidence Of Massive-Scale Emotional Contagion Through Social Networks” published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.


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Sensitive company data leaks onto mobile devices

The use of consumer technology such as smartphones and tablets is now common in the workplace. Whilst many businesses provide and administer smartphones for employee use, in most cases, the devices themselves are still owned by individual employees, eroding the boundary between personal and business computing. In many organisations, IT staff are obliged to permit personal mobile devices in business to connect to corporate networks, often undermining existing security controls.

(Computer Weekly)

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Bruce Schneier

Bruce Schneier privacy specialist about data collection

Bruce Schneier computer security and privacy specialist summarizes his thoughts about his book “Data and Goliath”.

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Android apps leaks are putting millions of smartphone users at risk

Millions of Android users around the world could be at risk because the apps they use are leaking personal information, according to a study. Researchers found that certain amount of  apps on the Google mobile operating system were vulnerable – meaning bank account and credit card information can be stolen.

(Daily Mail Online)

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