Smartphone apps

Smartphones have gained enormous popularity recently – we use it for calls, messaging, emailing, photo shooting, banking, photo shooting and other purposes – there is an app for every function. The question is:

How reliable are those apps?

Why should I care

Data is a valuable asset nowadays. They say, ‘data is the new oil’ – and that is true, companies are spending more and more on protecting their corporate data and know-how in order to conserve their market advantages.

It is convenient to use smartphones in business, for communication and exchanging data. But handling data with smartphones today is risky as data may be leaking through smart device apps easily. As smartphones and portable devices have become more and more common and have grown in complexity, it has become increasingly difficult to ensure their safety and security.

We analyzed 10.000 popular apps used regularly at home and at work. We noticed that the majority of apps initiate unsecure connections and data transfers, access contacts, messages and files and bypasses security procedures. This behavior is not related to viruses and you can barely detect them but can lead to serious privacy breaches and data leakage. Besides, developing their own apps may require security confirmation, especially in banking, telecommunication, healthcare or government.

And this is where App-Ray can help.