APP-RAY Introduction

App-Ray is a fully automated mobile security analysis tool designed to find security issues,
privacy breaches and potential data leaks in smart device applications.

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Secure Infrastructure - mobile phones
  • Fully automated scans
  • No manual interaction is required
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Executive overview
  • Highlighting all issues found API for integration
  • Automatic and batch mode processing
  • Android & iOS apps supported*




App-Ray provides a way to evaluate apps and find threats before your data would be affected:

– Set up security rules for your devices

– Prevent malicious apps from being installed

– Learn about vulnerabilities in your own or 3rd-party applications

– Integrate with the most widely used EEMs – such as MobileIron and Airwatch


You can download a sample test we’ve run on Yahoo’s Fantasy Football app.
Here are some of the elements you’ll see from the analysis:

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Secure App Development - laptop, coding, devices

– Assessment of Application Security
– Assessment of Functionality
– Assessment of Data Protection
– Assessment of Personal Information Usage
– Assessment of Communication Security
– Contacted IPs
– HTTP Requests
– Dynamic Class Loading
– Accessed Files

Market Guide for Mobile Application Security

Click here to download the Gartner Cybersecurity report:

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Prying eyes - data protection

Key Insights:

Mobile application security testing (AST) is a growing market and technology space that is
bound to merge with the broader AST market as the technologies mature, and as the evolution
of mobile platforms slows down as they converge with PC platforms.

Mobile AST leverages the static application security testing (SAST) and dynamic application
security testing (DAST) techniques used in the broader AST space, but these techniques are
adapted to mobile platforms.

The main innovation brought with mobile AST, compared to broader AST, is the introduction of
behavioral analysis as a complement to DAST and SAST.

The use cases and enterprise needs for mobile AST are often different from the ones for the
broader AST market in terms of speed and agility of development and the budget allocated.

APP-RAY Sales Brochure

To understand the benefits of App-Ray, feel free to download this material:

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Benefits overview

Faster: a scan is done in minutes instead of days

Accurate results, reducing human errors

Allows quick response

No need to maintain mobile pen testing team

Easy to use, easy to scale

Cloud & On-premise deployment

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