Checking Apps from unknown sources, App Reputation service with EMM – MDM / MAM – integration and more

Secure Infrastructure - mobile phones

Protect your devices, improve your security

We use several apps on our smart devices and we cannot be sure of what they do. Tracking apps, data leakage, privacy breaches became part of our life. A game, a flashlight app, a social network app – any of them may target sensitive data, emails, messages, regardless of phone model or who uses it.

App-Ray provides a way to evaluate apps and find threats before your data would be affected:

– Set up security rules for your devices

– Prevent malicious apps from being installed

– Learn about vulnerabilities in your own or 3rd-party applications

– Integrate with the most widely used EEMs – such as MobileIron and Airwatch


CI, SDLC, Jenkins, JIRA support, Checking 3rd-party Libraries, SDKs and Compliance…

Secure App Development - laptop, coding, devices

Secure app building and auditing

With App-Ray you can secure your applications by integrating vulnerability analysis into your building process. Our REST API provides an elegant and automatized way to trigger analysis whenever you need it, and trigger actions if issues are detected, in order to prevent faulty or vulnerable releases.

More features include:

– Check your online services against to the highest security standards – our solution has proven to secure financial, telecommunication, e-commerce and collaboration apps.

– Export JIRA tickets for vulnerabilities and delegate issues for fast resolution, with ease.

– Learn about vulnerabilities in your own, outsourced or 3rd-party applications.


Monitor Data Access, analyze Data Flows, prevent Data Leak

Prying eyes - data protection

Data is the new oil

In the world of wide-ranging security holes, surveillance and corporate espionage our sensitive data is at large risk, and smart devices often fail at security.

App-Ray maps data flows and identifies data leakage threats – before you would put your data at risk. Our advanced technology satisfies even military and government-level requirements.

– Leverage App-Ray’s sophisticated methods to map data flow,

– Analyze the entire network traffic, including encrypted communication,

– Debug API calls,

– Prevent corporate espionage

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